From the land. By the land. For the land.

Every new enterprise needs land. And every change in land use needs someone who understands how it works. In taking responsibility for land since 1959, realising its commercial value is nothing new to Padley.

photo of a chicken

A Rich Legacy

Through G W Padley’s legacy in UK vertically-integrated poultry production, we continue to invest in quality and innovation across our network of broiler breeder poultry farms.

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Poultry Production

Housing poultry on a network of modern rearing and laying farms, we produce high quality pullets and hatching eggs which we deliver into hatcheries for the UK and International broiler supply chain.

eggs in a box
photo of tractor planting seeds

Arable Farming

Our heritage in arable farming – and investment into renewable energy including PV and anaerobic digestion – provides extensive insight into what is needed to maximise the commercial value of agricultural land.

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Vegetable Produce

Padley has a presence at the heart of the UK’s most fertile vegetable growing lands. With clients including some of the UK’s leading food retail names, Padley’s reputation in vegetable production continues to grow.

photo of tractor harvesting vegetables

No-one understands the land better than us

Long-standing commercial relationships with some of the UK’s leading retailers ensures we understand the value locked in land, and how best to realise its full commercial value.

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