Making new development happen

Padley manages and enables change in land use for all kinds of commercial purposes. Our expertise in strategic land, property development and project management provides a seamless experience from inception to completion.

Commercial Development

From sourcing land, to promoting land, to securing finance and planning permission, we deliver strategically situated land for business premises including retail outlets, industrial units, warehousing, hubs, depots and distribution centres.

photo of building foundations being laid
photo of builders reviewing blueprints

Portfolio Management

With an expanding portfolio of commercial, residential and agricultural property, we have an in-house property management team on hand to support our existing tenants and new businesses to relocate within our portfolio.

photo of land being moved

Funding and Finance Choices

With a range of options available to fund your land development project, we can help you make the right financing choices. We can supply funding ourselves, or source appropriate funding for your development, to increase your options in a complex market.

photo of land being moved

Why choose Padley?

Being financially strong, well-resourced and focused on detail, Padley is grounded in every aspect of land development. To expand your range of funding options, we can finance your development in full.

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